28 May

Air Conditioning Covers: 2 Clever Ways to “Hide” your AC

Love your Las Vegas air conditioning unit but hate looking at that cumbersome box outside your home? Here are two great ways to keep your AC unit out of view. Fence it off A small fence around your AC unit will keep your box out of sight, providing a visually appealing and professional looking addition […]
20 May

3 Cool Places to Visit in Vegas When Your AC is Broken

As the summer heat approaches, it’s time to ensure that your AC is in tip top shape. But if you’re in need of Las Vegas air conditioning repair there are three hot, or should we say cool, spots that will keep you chilled until your AC is operational again. Check out these three chill Las […]
6 May

Air Conditioning Pants For Those Hot Summer Days

“These non air-conditioned pants are amazing!” -Said no one ever (future tweet, 20 years from now) The future is here. Introducing air-conditioned pants from our pals in Japan. Now looking good and feeling comfortable is as easy as putting a fan in your pants. Don’t let the polyester fool you: These pants come equipped with a […]
17 Apr

4 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Air Conditioning

When it comes to AC service, Las Vegas is a heavy consumer. Are you looking to save energy? Here are some interesting, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional air conditioning. (1) The Passive House Passive houses are super-insulated and airtight, and therefore need no heating or AC. Not surprisingly, these are very expensive to build. (2) The […]
3 Apr

DIY AC: How to Make Your Own Air Conditioning

As Las Vegas starts heating up again, you may be looking for a cheap way to cool a small space like an apartment or garage. Here are two do-it-yourself methods of air conditioning. The concept is very similar for both of them. Version One: The DIYAC Source: via Danielle on Pinterest   This infographic […]
1 Apr

Paris Hilton’s Dogs Have Their Own Air Conditioner…and Luxury Home

Imagine being an AC repair technician. You’re called to Paris Hilton’s home to fix an AC unit. No, not hers. The one in her dog house. This isn’t just any dog house. It is a multi-level mini-mansion for her 17 chihuahuas and pomeranian. It comes complete with chandeliers, air conditioning, multiple beds, stairs, and wardrobes. […]