30 Oct

Without a Furnace, It’s Simply a House

As the temperatures outside begin to drop, the need for a warm place to escape the chilly weather becomes more important. From ski and snowboard trips to morning walks in the cold, brisk air, nothing beats snuggling up by the furnace when snow is falling outdoors. Face it: the winter season without a functional furnace […]
18 Sep

Top 3 Reasons To Celebrate The End Of Summer

Well, folks. Labor Day has come and gone, and we are about to officially leave summer in the dust. Some people may be mourning the loss of long days, short skirts, and an increased social acceptance of day drinking, but not me. You may not be aware, but summer is actually the worst. Here are […]
23 Jul

5 Common AC Problems and How to Fix Them

In the depths of summer, you can’t afford to have an air conditioning system on the fritz. While many issues require professional maintenance and repair, or specialized replacement parts, there’s a lot of troubleshooting you can do yourself with a little bit of knowledge and a little bit of elbow grease. Read ahead to learn […]
17 Jul

In Need of AC Repair? Try to Stay Cool

Summer time means hot temperatures, which can be a nightmare for people in need of AC repair in Las Vegas.   With temperatures well over 100 degrees, it is extremely important to try and stay cool. Find an air conditioner, pool, or fan to be near and ride out the heat wave.
8 Jul

Liquid AC: Keep Cool in Vegas With These Water Activities

Is the desert heat making life miserable for you? Can’t stand the heat one second longer? Cool off in Las Vegas with water parks, lakes, and even the hose in the backyard. Here are some tips for staying cool when the weather is hotter than hot. Dive into the fun activities provided by Wet ‘N […]
2 Jul

Las Vegas: Air Conditioners’ Best Friend

  Las Vegas weather breaks the triple digits.  You have yourself to think of, as well as your family — and that includes the furry ones.  Dogs can suffer from heat stroke and dehydration just like people can.  Dogs with breathing problems, puppies at play, and certain breeds (bulldogs, pugs, pekingese) are especially at risk. […]
24 Jun

How Does Air Conditioning Work? (VIDEO)

Air conditioners work a bit like your refrigerator, both take advantage of a physical law: when a liquid converts to gas, it absorbs heat. Your air conditioner forces chemical compounds to evaporate and condense over and over again inside their coils. The big fan moves warm air over these coils, using the inside of your […]
19 Jun

DIY Neck Cooler for Non Air Conditioned Destinations

Air conditioning is a lifesaver during the hot summer months, as long as you stay indoors. But what if you need to be outside in the scorching heat? Thankfully, there’s a simple solution: a homemade neck cooler that will make even the hottest days more bearable. Here’s what you need to get started: A 36×4 […]
12 Jun

3 Common AC Problems

Air conditioning is a necessity during the hot Las Vegas summers, and when your AC doesn’t work it can make things uncomfortable very quickly. Here are three of the most common reasons why your AC unit might stop working. Faulty wiring If the AC unit isn’t wired properly, this could prevent the system from getting power. Not to mention […]