23 Mar

How Keeping Your Bedroom Cool Will Help You Lose Weight

Yes, you read that correctly, keeping your bedroom cool can actually make a significant impact on your weight. Research in Britain has linked central heating conditions with a rise in obesity. The study suggests that warmer temperatures are not conducive to weight loss and therefore if you are looking to lose some weight then you […]
10 Mar

I’m Breathing In What? 5 Hazardous Things AC Units Filter Out

The air that we breathe can contain some pretty nasty stuff, which is why AC units must be checked frequently to see if the filter is still doing its job. A dirty filter is essentially no filter, allowing hazardous particles to enter the air conditioner and into your home. But just what do these air […]
3 Mar

Why Does My Air Conditioner Blow Warm Air?

With the rising cost of electricity, you can’t afford to have an underperforming air conditioning system. If your air conditioner is blowing warm air, it may actually be heating up your home. If you’ve started up your system this spring and noticed that the air coming through your vents is not as cool as you’d […]
25 Feb
Programmable Thermostat

How to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer

In Las Vegas, air conditioning season starts early and lasts a long time. If you haven’t turned on the AC already, you likely will soon. Before it’s too late, make sure your system is running without a hitch. Here are seven steps you can take to prepare your home and air conditioner for the hot […]
4 Feb

How Keeping Your Bedroom Cool Can Help You Lose Weight

Can keeping your house at colder temperatures help you lose weight? A recent study from Britain has linked central heating with the rise of obesity, suggesting that warmer temperatures may be hindering weight loss. Fighting Fat With Cold Few people realize that cranking up the heat when the winter hits may prevent you from losing […]
14 Jan

Gender Wars: Some Really Do Like It Hot

There’s only one true battle in a relationship. The battle for the thermostat. With a couple living under the same roof, tension is bound to build over the temperature of your living quarter. In this battle of the sexes, some really do like it hot. That someone is not always the female. According to a […]
7 Jan

How to Fix Your Gas Furnace

This time of year, a working furnace can mean the difference between a cozy night’s sleep and extreme discomfort. As important as a working furnace can be, everyone should know a few of the basic tips and tricks for fixing them. Luckily, most furnace issues can be resolved simply. Read ahead to find out how […]
9 Dec

Wax Doesn’t Hold a Candle to the Power of a Furnace

While candles are very pretty and come in a variety of delicious, winter-themed scents, they will not provide much warmth to combat against the harsh bite of winter. When coming home from a long day at work and driving through cold and windy conditions, a few candles aren’t going to cut it. Candles may not […]
3 Dec

Space Heater Safety Tips

While portable space heaters are undeniably convenient, they can also be extremely dangerous. Each year, portable space heaters cause roughly 21,650 house fires and more than 1,500 fire-related injuries and deaths. Follow these safety tips to stay warm and stay safe this winter. Ensure that your space heater has a label of safety certification from […]
18 Nov

Keep Warm and Don’t Be Like Jim

With winter in full swing, frigid temperatures are affecting the way we go about our lives. If not careful, snow and gusts of icy wind can turn a warm body cold. Don’t believe us? Just ask Jim. Poor Jim. He didn’t get his furnace repaired in time and he has now fallen victim to the […]