Tenant Improvement

Tenant Improvement

Windy City has completed over 110 tenant improvement (TI) projects since its inception in 2006. Projects of all sizes, large or small, are handled with the same amount of care by our experienced staff of sheet metal installers.

TI projects are very unique in that time is crucial. Often times the owner of the restaurant or office complex is paying rent while the project is under construction. This can be a stressful time since every day that they are under construction, they are not generating any income. We are proud to say that we have never failed to meet the required deadline. Our full sheet-metal shop helps us not only helps to reduce costs, but improves our delivery time so we can meet the toughest construction schedule deadlines.

Windy City Air has completed many restaurant TI projects requiring Class 1 hoods and welded 18 gauge grease duct.

We bid TI jobs with a monetary limit up to $950,000 and design and bid your project through the use of AutoCAD software, enabling us to reduce waste and reduce costs, passing those savings along to you. Our team can lay out and install your project with your time frame and under budget. Call us at 702.932.7284 for more information on TI projects and AC repair in Las Vegas.

Commercial AC Repair

As your heating and cooling system ages, it can lose efficiency and could even break down. At some point, you will be looking to an air conditioning contractor for repairs.

Commercial Projects

Windy City has been in the commercial construction business since 2006 and is proud to staff a reliable and experienced team who operate under the safest working conditions.

Construction Trailers

Our company is licensed to repair all of your Commercial Construction Trailer equipment (MFG. Homes Lic. #A0093).

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