Commercial 21pt Heating Inspection


It is our pleasure to service your heating equipment. The list below is our services that will be performed during our inspection. During our inspection we will list results and our suggestions for you. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding Las Vegas AC repair.

  1. Asked you if any special concerns about your heating system.
  2. Removed the burners if necessary and cleaned them.
  3. Visually inspected the heat exchanger for structural integrity.
  4. Removed & cleaned the flame sensor and measured the μ0a output.
  5. Checked all safety switches for proper operation.
  6. Checked all the exposed gas piping from the gas meter to the furnace.
  7. Checked the draft combustion motor for proper operation.
  8. Visually checked the flue pipe for obstructions and structural integrity.
  9. Checked, lubricated & cleaned the indoor blower motor & wheel assembly.
  10. Checked the thermostat for proper mounting, location and setting.
  11. Checked the circuit board & wiring for scorched or discoloration.
  12. Tightened all electrical connections.
  13. Check for proper voltage to the furnace.
  14. Checked cleaned and replaced filters if part of the contract.
  15. Checked the ignition circuit for proper operation.
  16. Checked the furnace for safe, efficient and proper operation.
  17. Checked the amp draw of the blower motor.
  18. If motor is belt driven replace if part of the contract.
  19. Checked the temperature rise across the furnace.
  20. Checked for the presence of carbon monoxide.

Commercial AC Repair

As your heating and cooling system ages, it can lose efficiency and could even break down. At some point, you will be looking to an air conditioning contractor for repairs.

Commercial Projects

Windy City has been in the commercial construction business since 2006 and is proud to staff a reliable and experienced team who operate under the safest working conditions.

Construction Trailers

Our company is licensed to repair all of your Commercial Construction Trailer equipment (MFG. Homes Lic. #A0093).